Vitamin D3K Spray (Sublingual Spray)

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30 ml Spray
Air Tight Bottle
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This is a Non Vegetarian Product

Asif Ali Khan 09 November 2020

You have to try this, you will definitely like this one Vitamin D3K I like this composition for my bones and heart health. If you are finding yourself lethargic and weak, these two vitamins spray to boost your overall bodily function. Vitamin D3 helps to boost energy and improve blood circulation. Vitamin K helps to boost the immune system

Monika Dogra 09 November 2020

I have been taking this from quite a long time. Getting a sufficient amount of vitamin D is important for the normal growth and development of bones and teeth so I thought of trying this one. Quite happy with the product.

Palak Panwar 09 November 2020

I liked this composition for my bones and heart health If you are finding yourself lethargic and weak. These 2 key vitamins spray to boost your overall body function. 🌱. Fights with Vitamin -D deficiency 🌱. Improves our heart health

Vivek Sharma 09 November 2020

Bought this for my mom... n it really works so fine... I love it... it contains vitamin D3k which helps in proper absorption of Calcium to your body... beneficial for immune health too... after seeing results on my mom... I also started taking these Spray for a healthy lifestyle.

Vishal Singh 09 November 2020

Love the product -It helps to keep our heart and bones healthy. -Immune system function. -Bone growth and density. -Health of many tissues in the body, including prostate, colon, and breast. -Cardiovascular health. -Blood sugar balance. -Healthy mood, mental clarity, and productivity.

Vaijanti Singh 09 November 2020

A perfect booster helps in body development. Highly recommend you guys to take this. Perfect for body development.

Nimrah 09 November 2020

This vitamin D3+K is really amazing. it helped me a lot with vitamin D deficiency. Please take it with milk for more absorption. This is 100% organic. I am taking this spray every day.

Narendra Sharma 09 November 2020

This is a very effective product and is purely herbal and natural. Also supports cardiovascular health.

Vikrant Meena 09 November 2020

I just love these spray 😍 these are so amazing; after using it; I feel so energetic

Sadiya 09 November 2020

Vitamin D3K Spray is very beneficial to health and helping in better calcium absorption

Jannat Khan 09 November 2020

These multivitamins are highly effective and good and safe to take with no side effects. highly recommended

Satveer Narayan 09 November 2020

This is an amazing product I have used, organic, and no side effects. Perfection and satisfaction.

Goutam Gupta 09 November 2020

product quality, packing is really good. after using it I did not found any side effects.

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