Vitamin B12 Energy Booster Spray (Sublingual Spray)

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Forever Leaves
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30 ml Spray
Air Tight Bottle
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This is a Non Vegetarian Product

Vitamin B12 Spray

It is considered very important to have vitamins in the body for our health. Vitamin deficiency can lead to many health problems. And one of those vitamins is the most important vitamin, vitamin B12 which is considered very important for the health of the body. Vitamin B12 deficiency can make you not only physically but mentally ill too. Due to its lack, many problems like gas, stomach pain, cramps can bother you. Lack of vitamin B12 can cause blood loss, fatigue, weakness, loss of appetite, loss of appetite, etc. in the body. Forever leaves have been taken with vitamin B12 spray in order to get rid of all these problems.

Vitamin B12 is stimulant-free and contains the most bio-available form of B12 (methylcobalamin) which is a naturally active form found within human metabolism.

Specially formulated to delivery vitamin B12 directly into the mouth. The tiny droplets absorb quickly, providing fast nutrient uptake.

Rahul Singh 04 November 2020

I use it every day just after finishing my lunch. earlier lethargy and a feel of taking a nap are gone. feel more active and agile throughout.

Diksha 04 November 2020

I have ordered this for my mom who feels low throughout the day.. This has helped to increase her metabolism and feels energetic. A must buy the product for the people who get tired easily

Nitin Singh 04 November 2020

Suitable for all to avoid b12 deficiency. Slowly it is recovering for me. Hope to see the correct levels soon.

Jatin Chauhan 04 November 2020

Worth to buy. Highly recommend to those who need B12 Supplements.

Raj sharma 04 November 2020

Has good results in improving the health after a deficiency for a while.Good source of bit B12 for vegetarians

Ratna Sharma 04 November 2020

This spray is vitamin b12 is the best result of this spray and this spray in specialists for b12 vitamin and great make result to vitamin b12 amazing result

Girraj Sharma 04 November 2020

This is a good product. You can feel the changes after 5th of using this. Recommend to everyone.

Rashmi 04 November 2020

It’s really effective ......I like it sooo much

San Khan 04 November 2020

Nice product... Seal packed and got it in affordable price.

Anand 04 November 2020

Helps to recover from B12 deficiency

Mahendra Saini 04 November 2020

I have never felt better! I am recommending this B12 Spray to everyone. A great energy booster. I am assuming a b12 deficiency might be a cause of some of these issues and I am so so grateful I found these on Foreverleaves. Highly recommended

Piyush Sonani 04 November 2020

I had deficiencies of b12. I tried this product and within 3-4 days b12 got balanced. You can feel noticeable changes. Flavour is very good so it doesn’t taste like medicine. Highly recommended to everyone.

Priya Soni 04 November 2020

I switched from my regular brand because I was travelling and this spray is very handy to take anywhere. Worth it for professional people like me. Worth every Penny... Thanks..

Krishan 04 November 2020

It is a perfect one for I was searching very long

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