Teekha Red Chilli Flakes

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Forever Leaves
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This is a Vegetarian Product

  • Used in savory food including Stews, Creamy Sauces, Pastas, Pizzas etc.
  • Comes in Easy to use and store bottles
  • Made from Finest Quality Sun Dried Red Chillies.
  • Eases congestion, helps control weight, boosts immunity & is great for diabetics

Having always believed in the principle of originality and health, Forever Leaves has prepared its Teekha Red Chilli Flakes with natural ingredients that preserve the actual taste of every element. This Red Chilli flake contains no added flavours or colours for artificial enhancement of the flavours, giving you a taste that is pure and healthy. Forever Leaves Chilli Flakes has a warm, fiery and tingling hot flavour used more often in Mexican and American cuisines. It can be used in pizza, french fries, pasta, sandwiches and more.

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